Blue Couch has a lovely soft texture with a very attractive dark green/blue colour. It is less aggressive and does not thatch up as quickly as other species. This variety does not leave the unsightly appearance of cut or exposed stolons, as if forms a dense mat which helps resist weed invasion. Produces minimal seed heads and is know for its low growing lush coverage, which not only gives a strong weed resistant lawn but also provides a nice soft feel and ease of mowing.

Blue Couch does not have the wear capabilities, but will recover quickly from damage. It has good drought tolerance once the root system is deeply established. Not recommended for shaded areas, could turn slight purple during winter. It thrives best if maintained by regular watering and fertilizer applications.

Ideal for domestic and commercial lawns, also used extensively on sports grounds and a variety of parks and garden projects.




Winter green is an attractive olive green hybrid couch with a soft formal appearance and a fine leaf texture. It is a deep rooted tough plant, providing a smooth soft but hardwearing surface.

Characteristics include drought, fungus and disease resistance. Wintergreen prefers full sunlight with a minimum of 4 hours. It has excellent winter colour retention and a high tolerance to water logging. The turf is a medium density, low maintenance and has excellent wear resistance and quickly repairs itself after damage, low to medium invasion characteristics.

Wintergreen is an ideal home lawn, beautiful to look at, soft to touch and tough for the family to play on. It is easily maintained, with summer mowing 10-12mm every 10-14 days. and winter 15-18mm every 21-35 days, apply fertilizer in Spring and Autumn.

Wintergreen is also used for golf fairways, tennis courts, bowling greens, parks, sports grounds and roadside verges.